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[Axiom#1] To Cancel or reschedule, please contact the Office at least 24 hours in advance. Failure to do so WILL result in you forfeiting your scheduled time and payment. A refund will NOT be issued nor will the lesson be rescheduled. That lesson will be lost entirely.

Axiom#2] Each student has a 10 minute window to come outside from the time the Instructor arrives. If the student fails to show up within 10 minutes the lesson will be recognized as a "NO SHOW" and the lesson will be lost. 

[Axiom#3] Please allow a 10 minute window for your Instructor to arrive before calling the office.

Axiom#4] When the Instructor arrives and the student smells like alcohol or marijuana or appears to be under the influence of something else, then the student will LOSE their lesson and NO refund will be issued.

Axiom#5] When a Student schedules their lesson(s), and those lesson(s) are added to the school's calendar but then the Student elects to cancel any and all lessons, then the Student WILL NOT be entitled to a refund. Rescheduling lies to the discretion of a Supervisor. 

Axiom#6] When a Student request to be accompanied by someone during their lesson, that decision rest with the Instructor. 

Axiom#7] Refunds can take up to 30 business days.     

All questions, comments, and concerns are to be directed via email to the:

ATTENTION: Investigations, Compliance & Grievance Department. (ICGU)


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